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About the Author

Celine L. A. Simpson was raised on the Mid-North Coast of Australia and now resides in Melbourne, Victoria.

She graduated from La Trobe University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts, majoring in creative and professional writing.
Growing up with a passion for reading, she began writing at an early age, moving into content creation as a career path before writing and publishing her own novels.

Books by Celine L.A Simpson

Convincing Florence

A new must-read romance full of delightful banter, swoon-worthy moments and taking on the challenge of falling in love for fans of Sally Thorne The Hating Game and Emily Henry Beach Read.


Florence wasn’t a people person.

Flossy learnt right from the get-go that to expect anything from anyone (apart from her grandmother) would only ever lead to disappointment. That all the minutes and seconds of her life constantly intersected with the hard and tough minutes of everyone else’s, right from the moment she entered this world and let loose a wail of arrival.

It was the friends who couldn’t be bothered to return the friendship, the dates that were only ever interested in one thing, and the general strangers who were never interested in returning her smile.

Florence loved two things. Her job at the library and her grandmother, Dot.

Apart from them?

People sucked.

Nathaniel Connors loved a challenge.

Tall, dark, and handsome; Nathaniel Connors sailed through life on a dimpled smile and buckets of charm. But when Florence finds him in the library, breaking more than one rule, she might have been the first person who didn’t give him the time of day.

If there’s one thing that Nathaniel needed to do now, it was to convince Florence that he was worth her time, and that there were people who were worth her while.

She was sure he’d fail.

He knew he wouldn’t.

Challenge Accepted.

Music to my Ears

He had one of those side, half smiles that you read about...I always thought that was absolute nonsense - no single smile could make you want to cry out for mercy, but there you have it. 

I did manage to, however, maintain enough of my dignity to cry on the inside.

Allie could sum up her entire life in two whole minutes. She lived walking distance to everything; work, her best friend's place and perhaps most importantly, the 24-hour corner store that was only a 1-minute walk away. Allie frequently sought comfort from the bottom of premixed brownie boxes at all times of the evening when she perused the baking aisle alone, until one night...

Wyatt Smith was the frontman of the most popular modern rock band to date. Lady Luck travelled the world, their look and their music was recognized by everyone, everywhere. That was until he found himself the midnight errand boy for a runaway baking ingredient where he met Allie. And she had absolutely no idea who he was...

It's true that when someone catches your eye you start to see them everywhere. 

But what happens when you do see them again? 

Sometimes it's easier to put feelings in boxes, and sometimes it's easier to run away when the going gets tough. But sometimes you find someone to help you unpack, someone who will stand beside you, feel the fear, and take that leap of faith with you.

Terraleise: The Lost Child of the Crown Series #1

Terraleise turns 18, only to discover she is now gifted with the elemental power of Earth. The thing about elemental gifts is that only those with royal blood possess them. Terraleise is thrown into a life she never dreamed to be a part of, discovering all of the secrets entwined with her past, and her future. The heir to a kingdom overthrown by a corrupt branch of her own bloodline, Terra will see what it means to have courage and be brave, learning that the fate of the four kingdoms of Vaashaa rests on her shoulders. Finding a life to fight for only to be faced with sacrificing it all, Terraleise will have to risk her love and her life to keep the world from falling into darkness.

Will the Lost Child of the Crown find her rightful place?

Heir of Vaashaa: The Lost Child of the Crown Series #2

The land is dying and the promise of war is thick in the air. With Terraleise still held captive by the enemy, Silas is forced out of his grief to move forward, to march on and ensure Terra’s sacrifice, her life for his, doesn’t go to waste.The threat to the World of Vaashaa is more horrific than anyone could have ever anticipated. A long-forgotten darkness has crept back into the hands of the wrong person and time is running out to stop it.The Kingdoms of Vaashaa will have to come together to save their world from the bleak future it is heading towards, all while hoping for aid to come from the truths laced within myths and legends.There is only one who stands to be a force between the darkness and the light, only one who can save them all.

Will the Heir of Vaashaa rise from the ashes?